Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Days Day 9 Goodwll Hunting Yields Big Rewards

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I found some sort of little cabinets at Goodwill one day and even though I wasn't sure what to use them for I dragged them home.
Over time they were used for various things and ended up storing my DVDs, but I happened onto a picture in a catalog for Pottery Barn and this is what they were being used for.
In case you can't tell They are under the bathroom cabinet. Huh! I quickly measured them and sure enough they will fit. I never thought of that, but mine are dark and I like these white ones so I'm going to paint them.
I had other ideas in mind.
 Baskets on a towel rod of course add warmth, but I am not a fan of things overflowing the container and using the items while keeping things attractive is a little iffy for me. I am not a fan of constant maintenance. But it might work for some things.
 The old stand-by shoe holders again will work for some things but I did do this once and it seemed to me the only things that were practical to put in it were hardly ever used so the jury is still out on that one.
 This is what I was going to use before I saw the catalog. Practical easy to clean if I spill something and adaptable to just about any use...but not so attractive.
 Again not crazy about having utilitarian objects out there sitting for all the world to see. I was hoping to have shelves with some doors, but not so deep I lost too much space in an already small bath.
I have blogged in the past about how many sewing machine drawers I have accumulated and I wasn't really even looking for them, but I think at last count I have something like 14 and I think some of the things that go in a bath would be well suited to those small cubbies so I'm looking for Ideas....anyone?
Day 10 already...I'm putting things in the closet and although they may not stay there at least it's a start...

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