Sunday, October 12, 2014

31 Days Day 10 A Change of Plan - Bathroom

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In anything you do I can't stress enough how important measurements are. A mere quarter of an inch can sink an absolutely wonderful plan and that's what happened to me. I had found a couple of very useful looking drawers and was using them to store DVDs but after seeing similar ones in a catalog used under the sink in the bathroom I quickly decided to put them there. I measured the width, they would fit, but the height, not so good.
 What a great idea!
Nope, not here.
Ok, on to Plan B
My version:
I'll be dressing it up a little as time goes on, but first the bones or foundation. I took the drawers away from jewelry storage (I have other plans for that) and moved them into the cabinet. Blow dryers curling and flat iron went into the square basket along with other bulky objects like lotion and hand sanitizer. The drawers hold tweezers, thermometer, bandages, extra toothpaste and make-up. The basket on top has tissues, hand mirror, soaps, etc. The bar in the middle limits how wide I can go, but I can see another drawer under the basket for more storage.
 Another very useful item is a stand or shelf that is narrow. If it has a shelf underneath so much the better. This stand is a mere 12' deep. It has a small footprint, 26" H x 31"W perfect for the limited size of this bath.
I plan to store bulky paper products on the bottom and cover it with a nice linen cloth. On the top will be Jars for storage and guest towels.

No bathroom is complete for me without a mirror for seeing the back of my hair and with a magnifying mirror on the flip side. It is so easy to put up and pays back dividends every day when you leave the house feeling well put together. So that's the bath for now. I still have to come up with a plan for towels, washcloths and hand towels because I have no linen closet. I know, hard to believe in a newer apartment, but I'm working on it.
As you can tell I'm just moving into this place and I am putting this on as I am putting things away and figuring out where and what and how so you are getting the ground floor tour. It is a challenge and, actually, it's been fun to see how things are evolving, but they may not stay where I put them or may get upgraded as my DH has time to work his particular brand of skill so I'll come back and add to these blogs as I go along. 
Tomorrow or days 11 and 12 will move around the house to different ideas I am trying out here and there. Thanks for joining me and I hope you'll check in again.

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