Monday, October 13, 2014

31 Days Day 11 Prehistoric Kitchen Cupboards

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What we're gonna do here is go back, way back to the troglodytes* When the cave man dragged home someone to cook for him and she had nothing but a cave and if it was a modern sort of cave it had holes on the walls where she could store stuff. Deep holes. And if there was no prehistoric snake in those holes she could stick her arm up to the elbow and pull out something to fix. Dino neck or something. Yeah! Ugg!
But mankind got smarter and they invented wheels and light, oh yes, and they invented DRAWERS. Nice smooth working, deep drawers.
But not here. Some genius in his wisdom (because surely a woman would not do this) thought, and I use the term loosely, that we would love 2 ft deep boxes for storage of, oh I don't know, a haunch of brontosaurus maybe.
 And oh great, a teeny, tiny, little shelf waaay back in there to put stuff on. Thank You. But not to worry folks cause this also comes with a bar down the middle to make it even more inconvenient so the brontosaurus will have to be chopped up in...LIT..TLE...PIECES.
And where will you get the ax to do this?
 Yes my friends out of these paper thin drawers! Yep! This small galley kitchen just takes me back, way back and I don't want to go there. So...
remember those drawers that wouldn't fit in the bathroom?  Well I measured and found that they would fit in the kitchen...IF I took out that shelf back there. Oh good you're saying. Not so fast. Didn't I just say they are 2 feet deep bottom cupboards AND while there isn't a prehistoric snake back there, there is something just as bad.

These little monster clips. You have to kill them. But how you ask do you kill them, you put your arm in..way in and then you press sideways on that little clip there on the top. Got it? No? Press harder. This thing is made of hard plastic. Got it? No? Push with all your might with a screw driver and pound on it with a hammer. Ok got it. Do it three more times and don't let the ones on the one side pop back out while you're doing the other side.
You're a little red faced. Take a minute and stop muttering mayhem under your breath. We still have to kill them. Take your wire cutters and chop their heads off!
You heard me. Chop their heads off. Ok now it's safe to put them aside and put in the drawers that should have been there all along.
Ah good. Storage that works!
Beautiful and room to put the cooling racks, cookie sheets and other tall things in there. Sanity at last.
There's more. Remember the  little animals we killed? OK, they can go in the other set of cabinets and we can lay that board we got out of the first set into this second set of cabinets and that makes a whole shelf that will take 3 trays 13"W x 23"D that will now slide out and later maybe wire racks on rollers.
 On one side all the plastic wraps and baggies are in magazine holders and laid sideways.
and set side by side on the top shelf of the bottom cabinets. Whew!
Well, that's our story for today. Thanks for the help. It was quite something to get this project done, but I feel like we really accomplished something that I will enjoy for however long we are here. 
Tomorrow I am going to try to get the W/D closet more organized so come back and see what we can do with it. Don't be afraid.There are no prehistoric animals in there.
*Based on The song from The Jimmy Castor Bunch

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