Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Days Day 8 Material World. Bringing Texture and Utility Together

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So we are working on more projects, painting and building which I will show as we go along and complete them. But in the meantime some of the materials and ideas I've gotten along the way.

Too many times a slim small space is ignored in the kitchen. this idea from Houzz utilizes pegboard. You can get pegboard in metal or chipboard so it can be as heavy duty or light wieght as you need it. This pegboard and foamcore board are two things I plan to incorporate into my organizing plans.

Baskets are so common that we forget sometimes how universally appreciated they are. Basket remains have been found as far back as civilization has been discovered and yet even now there is nothing like them for warmth and texture.

 Entry into a home gives many opportunities to add useful items and introduce guests to the theme of the home at that time and what better and more organic vehicle than wood especially antiqued and distressed.

I am really enamored of this idea using baskets and scraps of wood over the door in my small bath. My entry tomorrow will be on the bathroom cupboard under the sink. I need to put away my make-up!

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