Friday, February 7, 2014

White Is Everywhere Give Me A G....R...E...E...N

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This last snowstorm pushed me over the edge. I can't believe how long the winter has persisted. No color. And I am craving color, especially green, but all the other ones too.
I started a Board on Pinterest for Flower Shops. I'm browsing through seed catalogs. The hunger for spring is growing. My compost pile is....posting. So what should we be doing right now? Well, I mean beside planning to go south?

 We can start germinating seeds. When some plants take 200 hundred days to produce something and where you live you're doing well to have 180 you have to get a head start. I found an excellent tutorial on making your own seedling starter.
Visit:'t just buy those starters at the store. Those little guys need good nourishing starter to grow strong healthy roots. This article gives a great recipe for that. 
Another thing you can do in the meantime is grow some seeds for your smoothies. Have you thought about having healthy smoothies for a long time and just haven't gotten around to it. This is a great time to begin. The health food stores have organic wheat that is ready for sprouting and sprouts in 4 days for your drink. Just put it in a jar with water, drain the water off after a couple of minutes and do this a couple of times a day and in a few days you will see sprouts beginning to appear.
For home sprouting, the seeds are soaked (big seeds) or moistened (small), then left at room temperature (13 to 21 °C or 55 to 70 °F) in a sprouting vessel. Many different types of vessels can be used. One type is a simple glass jar with a piece of cloth or nylon window screen secured over its rim. "Tiered" clear plastic sprouters are commercially available, allowing a number of "crops" to be grown simultaneously. By staggering sowings, a constant supply of young sprouts can be ensured. Any vessel used for sprouting must have a cheescloth or screened lid to allow water to drain from it, because sprouts that sit in water will rot quickly. The seeds swell, may stick to the sides of the jar, and begin germinating within a day or two. See Sprouting on while your at it make green sprouts available to your indoor animals, too. My cats love them and eat them regularly. You might have to mix them with a treat first if they've never had them before, but I'm guessing it won't be long before they are begging for them.Green sprouts in smoothies are delicious with a banana, milk, blueberries or strawberries, protein shake, apples, and carrots and they get you through the winter blahs with good taste and style. Yummmm.

Whatever green therapy you go for don't forget to follow my Pintrest boards on Gardening. A lot of healthy smoothie recipes are on my Health and Beauty Board. See my Flowers Plant Container Gardening & Arrangements to feed your need for green as well as many other colors. And thanks for visiting, sharing your comments and have a safe, healthy rest of the winter. Sandra Seybold Susko

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