Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days Of Button Ideas And Adventures

My project Putting buttons I own a mirror. Ready to hang.
I decided to make buttons the subject of this October's 31 day challenge. I first became interested in them when I won part of a button collection at an auction. I loved how neatly they were sewn onto a cloth according to type, size, color. It fit my OCD MO perfectly. That is my obsessive-compulsive-disorder method of operation.
Everything right where it ought to be and it can't move around! In this world, MY world, that makes it unusual and wonderful. 
However there is one catch. No one told me that with buttons 1 is never enough. One button leads to 2 buttons and that my friend is a collection of buttons. One collection of buttons is never enough which leads to more buttons and that is not bad, but there are more ways to put a design on a 1 inch circle than there are rabbit tails in a meadow. You've got all those? Well, my friend you are doing quite well, but...what about the square ones,
Czech  Glass
 triangle, rhinestones etc. You say you have them? In every color? How about glass, 

mother of pearl
 or bone, leather, clay studio buttons, ceramic, portrait, enamel, stone, twig,

Goofies or like a real item
 goofy buttons. What are they you ask? Just more ways to suck you in. It is button crack on steroids.
One day you are a normal slightly off kilter adult going about your business and then WHAM you are checking ebay, etsy, the clothes at Goodwill, and you come up for air and you have 42 storage boxes FOR THE SPECIAL ONES. THE OTHERS ARE IN JARS (if you catch a break). So then you start thinking, about what to do with all the buttons you have. Sell them, make crafts out of them, jewelry, put the really nice ones in a suitable setting so they don't get banged around, try to give some away, sit and sort?
Use in craft projects


more sorting
still more sorting
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It doesn't get cuter than this

More sorting

So I have lots to tell you this month. How to mount them on foam core. Crafts I have made, want make or that someone else made. Interesting things about buttons and their world and how they add pleasure to our world. I hope you will come back and follow me this month and enjoy it. I'll try to make it fun and maybe you'll get some ideas you can use, and leave me a message with your ideas, too.  

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