Monday, July 29, 2013

China (A Work Horse) Work Of Art

China How  Beautifully It Graces Our Lives 
Pope-Gosser Bluebell Pattern

Beautiful delicate china pieces from the mid-century Coshocton Ohio pottery maker Pope-Gosser. The tureen logo dates these pieces from 1941 o 1943.

The most simple table is ennobled by a carefully placed setting. We are comforted, entertained, delighted, impressed and have appetizing anticipation when greeted with an attractive well thought out table.
Some china like the above made companies leaders in their field, held the men who made them endlessly enthralled and devoted to their skill and craft.
And broke their hearts and banks when they were unable to survive the changing economies, but though the companies and the people who devoted their lives to creating beauty at the table are no longer here the influences still linger and even grow in the arena of gracious living.
old china blue plates 
Deals are hammered out... and broken, romance and proposals flourish, reputations are made and lost, even countries rise and fall at the table. The most famous supper ever known,The most famous covenant recorded in Luke 22:28 that  changed the world has been replicated endlessly was initiated at the supper table . It ended one era and brought in a new kingdom. 
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