Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How To De-Crank Yourself...More Color Please

One of the ways I manage to fight the winter blahs is play what I call Color Match-up. I find ways to use colors that are interesting and fun. Color causes such a strong response in the brain. When all I see is snow for days on end I feel like I'm a bear and just want to go hibernate. Unfortunately, I have to keep getting up and leaving my cave and I don't have a luxurious fur coat. This contributes to a certain crankiness that has been commented on by the other cave member.

I'm Up!!
Me in the winter time

Okay, let's pay with some colors
Show me the colors. I am on a color trip. That's how I get high when winter goes on too long, is too cold and white is the only color I see when looking out the window. I'm digging through my buttons and doing visual exercises. Picking out pictures and matching them up with coordinating colors.

Good colors and a lot of fun to see what goes well, contrasts with others, I put these on e-bay on my site. It seems better than just putting on the plain buttons. People seem to be enjoying it, too.

Look how well the buttons match the lemon, the soup, even the noodles. I matched up the tablecloth stripes, too.
But my absolute favorite is the lettuce match-up

I used clear glass buttons to mimic the bowls and the colander.

These buttons  above have a little chrome on them to match the colander.
Look at how these colors of purple go with the radicchio.

Look at this darling little face from a humane society post card.

Matched up with a pink and black and white checkered ribbons it is just too precious.

And these buddies, what a couple of teddy bears and their button colors are fun and cheerful. Just the pick me up for a cold winter day.

Reminds me of mushroom soup simmering away on the kitchen stove, Yumm.

You almost want to take a bite out of these buttons, don't you?
So what do you do to fight the winter blahs? Has it been a long winter or what? But on the plus side it has really inspired me to look around and enjoy what I have.

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  1. Hi Mom, I love the button matchups, especially the greens! Makes me want a big fresh salad. And you're right about the effect color has on our moods. Sometimes I forget how bright colors can give you a needed creative kick in the brain when winter makes you bored and sleepy.