Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sometimes What You Have Is What Works...Somewhere Else

The fireplace wall is looking better, but still a little empty on the right side, so I started going through the house and storage room to see what I could find to carry on the spring nautical theme. The orchids were just right with the green and mellow colors.

I found a lantern that was used outside last summer, some shells in an old zinc jar and a very old cheese box.

Since I can't paint the walls the small shelf in the back was a good background and holds some other tidbits.

The arrangement with its greenery and muted tones was not meant to take away from the focal point of the room which is the fireplace. but carries the theme further and keeps the white walls from dominating the room. 

On the left wall is a sofa that needed a table. The one I had was old and had a bumpy uneven surface.
After paint and acrylic tray 
I cleaned and sanded the table a little and painted it with Premium Decor Satin White Acrylic Enamel from True Value Hardware. Because of the weaving and surface that would need its share of cleaning and dusting I wanted something that had a little gloss to it. I topped it with a vintage acrylic tray that levels out and protects the uneven surface so my Cap'n and sailboat rest easy.

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