Thursday, April 5, 2012

KA...POW! This Kitchen Sink Windowless Wall

This Wall "Bugs" Me

One of my favorite things to do is wash dishes Ha! Not!!! In the past I have had the option of looking out the window and daydreaming while playing in the suds. Where I live now there is a blank wall. Yes, for those of you who are asking, I do have a dishwasher, but there are still times when being at the sink is the the job at hand and I look at a blank wall.

                                                                                                                                                                                            I'm sure many others do also and if it doesn't matter ok, but to me it was calling out for something. A it's too close.. ..sort of like kissing with your eyes get that funny cross-eyed feeling.

you get that funny cross-eyed feeling

 A clock?...oh definitely!... I would love to see just how long I'm standing there doing some mundane task...NOT! Ok, I started looking and thinking of what would be fun to look at...Cartoons...yes that would be great but alas I don't have a TV in the kitchen and certainly not over my sink. So...Small pictures would be good. maybe 10 It went on this way for quite a long time...I'm talking a couple of years I looked at that blank wall...mind numbing.
Then I found a little shelf at a garage sale. I painted it green and put it on that wall. Then I put a couple of small trivets with pics of herbs above far so good...but boring.
Where is Willy Wonka when you want him? 
Where is Willy Wonka when you want him?  

Then I found them! I had them all along and forgot about it...Cartoons!!

A plate from a sale I went to that had characters from Warner Brothers Cartoons and best of all from THE Acme Diner from "THE Acme Company" that supplied the Roadrunner with some of his best gambit tools! Wow!!...Ka..Blamm!! this an exploding plate?
Acme! I love that company!
Now when I am at the sink I'm watching my that cool or what?

Is this an exploding plate?

Ka...POW!!! No more boring wall!
As they say in the funnies That's All Folks!

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