Monday, March 26, 2012

My Spring Mantel

It's spring and I live near the lake so I am seeing many of the birds coming back, checking out their old digs, getting ready to make a home for the chicks to come and that translated into my mantel.

Most of my items come from thrift stores like many of the blogs I see online. The piece of broken pottery here is from the beach. I collect the birds wherever I go.

The old fishing reel is from a box of junk I bought at the auction. Sometimes the things sold at the end of an auction are the most interesting to me. I love metal that is old and patterned. The pieces of wood in the glass also came from the auction house. They are handcarved spigots for water complete with knobs for turning on and off. Shells in the crystal dish I found in Florida.

The cream colored object is the door or something to an old cast iron furnace. The set of birds here are a gift from a friend from Cracker Barrel Gift shop. The boat from Pat Cattans. The rocks I think I bought at Wal-mart.

The picture is one I bought at a discount when I worked at Crate and Barrel.

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