Sunday, December 11, 2011

But I Don't Feel That Sick Well, I didn't, but I was and I kept on when I probably should have laid low so I got it again
...worse...what the Dr. said was severe bronchitis and if it didn't clear up off for some tests for what?...pnuemonia...ok so I'm being careful for now. I'm finishing up some things and hanging around the house...but not in the store room cause now it's cold there and the patio isn't done...sigh. But on the bright side I've been doing some rearranging around the house
and sorting...sort of...
and, of course, always and forever, listing on eBay.
I was thinking as I entered the 140th thing on my store that it used to be when you were sick you were in bed...with the covers up to your chin...the smell of the V
stuff a shimmering cloud in the room...Mom's chicken soup on a tray
and life just had to stop for a while. Although Mom is not going to be serving me chicken soup cause this bug had the audacity to make her sick, too Hmmm. Those were the days though...either I grew up or things really have changed. Even the kids don't have the leisure to stay in bed unless they have something that makes them have spots and are obviously are going "to give you something". I like being on the go...and really I need to be accomplishing things, but I have to kind of admit this enforced limitation has been nice...ok...but I'm almost ready to have cabin fever and...It's NOT WINTER YET!...OK so breathe...breathe....

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