Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5 I Can Hardly Contain Myself

31 Days Day 5 Containers

Well, maybe a little peek at the pretty end of things wouldn't hurt. It keeps me moving forward when the tough stuff gets me down.
Besides, this cold is kicking my butt "I need this break or I'm going to keel over".
I have to put in a huge THANK YOU for my oldest daughter who probably saved my life with chicken soup, bread, cookies, apple cider and salad. My Nightingale, I love you, Honey.
ok, so I save almost every bit of information I can get my hands on that pertains to organizing. If you've been following my blog you know why. I'm part magpie, but fortunately, I am also like the little mongoose in Riki Tikki Tavi, I love to go and find out stuff. The internet is perfectly suited for this and I have lots of articles saved on my favorites, but it is only one of my sources for all things gettable, useable, storable, unique and attractive.
Have you ever bought one of those magazines especially at the beginning of the year that promises all these great storage ideas and you grab it and rush home to dig in and all it has are pictures of expensive, useless bits that make you just want to bite something?
No? Are you sure? Cause the great thing I want to tell you is that there is a real magazine both on the internet and on paper that really does have good useable, practical ideas...get this...that use old detergent containers, paint buckets, homemade cheap materials...all right...all right...I'll tell. It's called Family Handy Man and online it's and the ideas are spelled out step by step and are useful, good and cheap! Check it out!
I began looking through the house today and pulling out everything that looks good to put things in, you know the drill, baskets
Of course, I have lots of sewing machine drawers that could be painted
Material to cover boxes
maybe red
And other ideas that are percolating somewhere in the murky depths just waiting for the right time and especially good one involving curtain hooks...later.

Tomorrow, back to work....

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