Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4 Of 31 days Of Organizing and Finishing Projects

Looking At What I've Done So Far

My 31 Day Theme may end up being; 31 Days later She Is Nowhere To Be Found or What is that muffled groan I heard under that pile over there, no, not that pile, that one! No, no not THAT ONE either....
Or Maybe just 31 Days of Organizing....
Even that will be something...I put on my Pride and Prejudice recording and got at it. Had to stop to pack 2 lamps that went on eBay. I went searching all over town for a big enough box and ended up making one out of two smaller ones. Took it to the post office and got charged a premium because it was close to the size limit. Stopped at a sale on my way home and scored some neat stuff (really good buys I had to get them.) Just Look!
This vintage lamp and the gorgeous, rectangle, copper silk shade with concave corners!
Ok, how about these darling painted white metal lamps with ceramic busts of a boy and girl?
This metal plant hanger is SO shabby is it not?
Yours Truly is a pushover for all things nautical, especially the Sea Captain carved in wood...
and this pierced tin pocket...sweet!
So do I hear you saying "what about the organizing?" Tut, Tut lest you think I've been neglecting my goals here are some samples of the sort of sorting that has been going on...mind you it's not pretty...pretty comes later. This is not a magazine or TV show where all you get is the quick before and then it's lovely This is organizing BOOT CAMP. It's the dirty, messy, stuff right now. Later I'll have lots of tips to pass on about storage and making nice with the style. For now (1) it's like things together...(2) edit, edit, edit, (3)to the trash and regroup! Are you with me, Ladies!?
Buttons with buttons
Sea Glass, Shells, all things nautical...oh yeah...
All fabric and material
Bolts of it! Before you can organize you need to know what you have, how much of it and how much space it's going to need. Then comes the lovely presentation.
Tissue paper for wrapping purchases.
The "mail room" section is coming along nicely, with boxes, envelopes and soon supplies for sending out pretty gifts and packages.
So as you see I have been a very busy beaver today. It's all in a days work for someone enjoying their "retirement". For more on that see; Retirement is the hardest work I've ever done! elswhere in this blog.

Tomorrow: more sorting and finding useful containers.

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