Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pegboard O'My Heart

I'll be gone to a show this weekend so I am redoing an article about a project of how to handle pegboard in the kitchen.(catch up with you Monday)

Getting It Right In The Kitchen
My favorite kitchen started out as a problem. I was faced with the stuff that goes in the garage and is about as attractive as a weed whacker, however, this turned out to be where I was planted. So I began thumbing through decorating magazines and catalogs. There was nothing like it in Better Homes & Gardens and Martha, of course,  would have ripped it out. So would I...if it had been mine, but it was a rental. I kept looking and watching for ideas.
Help arrived in the form of an Ikea catalog, all those beautiful stainless steel shelves. racks hangers and such and Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan with his stint on Small Spaces.
I couldn't actually use the things from Ikea, although I did use a few containers down the road, but I went to my local K-Mart and found chrome baskets, shelving, etc.

It was made for me, because it was made by me. I was completely surprised by how easy it was to cook there. Being a little galley kitchen meant there was no room for extraneous equipement. There was a little pantry that all my small appliances went into as well as canned goods, brooms and mops.
Directly behind me were the sink and a counter with shelves.
This was the most diminuative kitchen I had ever had to contend with and I loved it. The dining room was to the right and I often had buffet dinners for up to 25 people.
We often spilled out to the enclosed front porch.
It was great!

Tomorrow Redoing An Old Singer Base


  1. I think you made some smart decisions in your kitchen!

    1. Thank You! Neccesity really is the mother of invention...well sometimes!