Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1 Organizing And Finishing Projects

31 DAYS Of Organizing And Finishing Projects

Time To Get Organized
In The Storage Area
I need specific areas for different facets of my business.
A. Areas for eBay, shows and flea market and things to take to the store.
B. Paint and repair area
C. A Pack and ship space with needed equipment.
So the first priority is to get some shelving. And today for a little extra interest we have a nor'easter.
So running between the raindrops....
4 shelves acquired and ready to....use? not!...ready to assemble!!
Found this little fella(Monarch Butterfly) in the parking lot hanging on for dear life to the asphalt while the wind whipped his wings ferociously. I picked him up and put him in my plants and put some sugar water on a cotton bud. He isn't moving. Don't know if he's alive.

Have you started your 31 days's not too late. Why not start now....check out this blog for over 300 ideas for your 31 days.

Time for hot chocolate. I feel a little wind whipped myself.

1. Putting Together Shelves

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