Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 2 Showing Up, Stepping Up, Putting Up,

Day 2 31 DAYS Of Organizing And Projects

It's going to be a long month...didn't I say that before? Before I grump let me say I showed up and I'll keep on showing up and stepping up and putting up cause I want to do this! BUT...I have caught a cold and sound like somebody's foghorn aaannnddd while I'm putting up my shelves I am stopping every two minutes to tend to my nose which is insisting on getting into the act instead of sitting quietly on my face which is what I have come to expect of it!
Fortunately, you can neither hear me nor catch what I have. AarrGGhh, Oops, excuse me.
I tried to dump the pieces out of the box, but no way so I had to cut the box open. That worked better.
Next putting the little plastic clippy things on in the same place on each pole. I didn't even know it had TOP written on it till I saw the pic. Heh Heh. Ok so far so good.
All 4 done, now try threading a shelf onto all yourself (and don't forget your nose is running!).
Ok, done. It was easier for the other 3 shelves. Time to start on the BIG shelves, the legs are longer and they have 5 shelves.
Those legs all wanted to go their own way.
Phew, Ok
2 up...2 more to go..That's enough! Hot Tea and more later...
I think the butterfly is dead and now I have to put him back outside. Poor thing...I'm still putting sugar water under him, but it looks hopeless.

Tomorrow Sorting it all out...
And now ...for a while...I'm shutting up.


  1. I love shelves! Your 31 Days theme is great! I hope you continue on!

  2. Thanks, Melissa, it's going to be interesting to see how much will get done with all the 31 dayers. Are you doing 31 days?