Wednesday, September 21, 2011

There Is Something In The Air

Every Year as the weather changes my body starts aching and I'm struggling to keep moving. Strangely enough, that is also when I am full of ideas and energy to do things. The end result is I'm running around more and feeling it more.
But yesterday I decided to take the day to just go over some of the pictures that I've taken and enjoy them again. So I'm sharing some with you.
Spring, Wasn't it just yesterday?

Summer and things were taking off.
Beautiful sunrises.

Lots of rain this year, unlike other parts of the country that are suffering w/o rain for up to 100 days so far.
Sometimes the sky looked like a Van Gogh Painting. I took these over a 2 hour period snapping more than 100 pictures one day after a storm had gone through, getting mosquito bit, my arms aching, my fingers numb. The bites are gone, these pictures were worth it!

One of my daughters and I went for a ride and found this old barn. She took these pictures, today I see them and remember.
There is beauty in even the most humble places. This is one of my favorites.
I lived with my Grandmother for many years and she was always taking pictures. I went through them often when I was little, but now I see why she took them. The time goes by so fast and the memories slip away if you don't catch them. Note to self; Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers....

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