Monday, September 19, 2011

Sizing Up The Job At Hand

Planning The Work For October

I am scoping out what I want to do in October and especially want to prioritize the projects.
Since you all are going to be watching, I want to make sure I have everything I need to accomplish them.
I live live in a Condo-type Loft Apartment, very nice, with one major flaw, well more than one, but I run into this one all the time...not enough storage.
Winter exacerbates this problem. There is no guest closet so coats go into my office/guest room closet. Shoes, boots and umbrellas sit by the door on an ugly mat, a different ugly every year(Couldn't someone make a nice one?).
I found
3 old planks that are going to be the foundation for my hall "closet". I will white wash them, put a shelf and mirror on them, molding on top and sides, an umbrella stand and a base for boots.
This is going to be heavy so I'm going to have a carpenter install it and reinforce the wall.
For years I have been dragging around some old iron shelf brackets from an auction, and some georgeous old hooks I found in Amish Country that will be the hardware so far.
I still have to find the right Boot Plate and Umbrella Holder that will complement my "closet" and I think I will also have a shelf under the mirror for keys.
A second big item is to get my front entry done after I button up my container garden. I have just the idea that I saved for ages...
modifeid by my own outside, of course. What do you think? What are your plans for October?
And then I will turn my attention inside. More tomorrow.

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