Saturday, September 10, 2011

Retiring Is The Hardest Work I've ever Done

Having a Job That Excites Me To Excellence

I did say when I get old enough to retire I don't want to just sit around.

I did say when i get old enough to retire I want to do something I enjoy.
Yes, that was my wish. Well, you know that old saying; Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true? My favorite downtime occupation when I had to "work" for a living was garage saling. I found clothes for the kids, furniture that actually did often get repaired and make it into the house and so on. The thrill was not in the finding, however, it was the frequent forays into numerous outposts of garages like the
pioneer ladies beating off bears or crows to get those blackberries that made those conquests very satisfactory. (no, indeed, I was not one of those ladies who ripped those especially juicy buys right out of your hands, you have me confused with someone else!)
Anyway, what would you guess that I would do to suppliment my income a little? If you said sell some of these treasures you would be correct...sort of...but then I would have to go back out into the wilderness, (definition #5. of the online dictionary)"a bewildering mass or collection") and eke (or eek! sometimes) out some new treasures. These in turn would become fodder as new items would catch my attention.
My problem occurs when influx of treasures outstrips outgo of fodder. I was walking around the house innocently minding my own business when this influx-outgo thing just grabbed me and started running me like the stress test at the Dr's office.
Everytime I try to get off I get wholloped by some item whizzing by on it's way in or out of my house. My family was considering an intervention for hoarders so I moved some of it to the garage. That turned out to be a mistake. I went to put my car in there one day and a bunch of things advanced toward it and it wet itself near the tailpipe and now it won't go near the garage without whimpering like a spanked puppy.
I'm having a great time, but I need to go have a cup of coffee so I can make it to bed. Could someone help me find the on/off switch to this thing?

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  1. Love it, love it, love it! Just so you know, your not a lone fruit in the bowl of fruit loops! I am right there with ya!