Sunday, September 11, 2011

31 days Starting October 1st

Wrapping It Up For The Season

Every year I am behind in preparing for the next season; ie. cleaning the gutters out in the fall, but each time I neglect little things they whisper future consequences.
The season most likely to cause me grief is winter. I forget not once, but the whole winter to get ice melt stuff! Feburary I buy some and hurry up and use it before spring so I feel like I did something to help myself.
Anyway, this year I am doing a project that will keep me interested and focused, a must for an ADDer.
A 31 Day Wrap Up Of Events
Starting with; shutting down the container garden

buying rock salt ice melty stuff, cause it sure can snow here,

finishing projects that have to be done in "ventilated areas" (read outside) like varnishing and painting,

changing my house colors to something more rich and ripe
and taking down the screens so they don't trap snow.

starting October 1st. I am going to take pictures and blog each day about what I did. It will help me to write, get ready for winter and I'll have a record of what I did. A Triple Play.
Anyone who would like to join me can add their link and share some daily progress about the subject they will work on. We can share inspiration, encouragement, urge each other on. This idea is not original. Other blogs like will be hosting something similiar as well.

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