Saturday, September 10, 2011

Loyal Love che'sedh

I don't blog everyday. Sometimetimes not every month. I cannot read platitudes, the same old words for yet another syrupy emotional outpouring and I often feel guilty for not being more long-suffering with the courageous effort someone makes to connect to others even while stumbling through the same minefield of errors or repetition.
This same impatience makes me reluctant to impose my prose onto the mental toes of others.
That said, What those people did that day on Flight 93 was tremendous; They proved that there is a God and that we are created in his image.
They performed loving kindness or loyal love toward those on the ground the same way He has done for us all these lingering centuries.
Consider this definition: Che′sedh is kindness that lovingly attaches itself to an object until its purpose in connection with that object is realized. According to the Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament, che′sedh “is active, social, and enduring. . . . [Che′sedh] always designates not just a human attitude, but also the act that emerges from this attitude. It is an act that preserves or promotes life. It is intervention on behalf of someone suffering misfortune or distress. It is demonstration of friendship or piety. It pursues what is good and not what is evil.” (Edited by G. J. Botterweck and H. Ringgren, 1986, Vol. 5, p. 51) Hence, che′sedh is more comprehensively rendered “loving-kindness,” or, because of the fidelity, solidarity, and proved loyalty associated with it, an alternate translation would be “loyal love.” In the plural number it may be rendered “loving-kindnesses,” “acts of loyal love,” “full loving-kindness,” or “full loyal love.”—Ps 25:6, ftn; Isa 55:3, ftn.

*** it-2 pp. 153-154 Kindness ***
Loving-Kindness of God. As in the Christian Greek Scriptures so also in the Hebrew Scriptures, frequent mention is made of kindness. The Hebrew word che′sedh, when used in reference to kindness, occurs 245 times. The related verb cha·sadh′ means “act in loyalty (or, loving-kindness)” and carries with it more than just the thought of tender regard or kindness stemming from love, though it includes such traits. (Ps 18:25, ftn)
(Insight Into The Scriptures The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society)
These people very like you and I going about their daily lives, not part of their job or any army or movement other than the movement from one moment to the next to keep their lives intact, performed an act of loyal love to us of biblical proportions.
An act of friendship, for the love of others, with no payback, except death. The same act that Jesus and his Father performed. Where did these people get that desire to commit this great sacrifice? Not from evolution, or the survival of the fittest or from some government order. They were responding to the directive of love that is in harmony with being made in the image of a loyal, loving God and his Son. This is Someone I am proud to worship, as did Jesus. His name, this Almighty, Loving Jehovah.

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