Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's all about Priorities

This last week I have Been on fast forward. A shower for my daughter, the ebay store is taking off, friends and family planning and doing and here's the funny thing; I can hardly take 2 minutes to absorb and enjoy it and so it is flying by in a kind of joyful blur. I don't like to do that. I have never been one of those people who find their personal value in being so busy.
I'm a stop and smell the flowers kind of person.
I don't think you can really do justice to anything on the run. There are cards I want to write...and read...someone asked me this evening if I had gotten the mail today and I said yes...she looked at me expectantly and I ruefully admitted that while I did indeed GET the mail I hadn't had time to READ the mail and so I hadn't read her card.
That's not right and it goes against the grain. I think the people in our lives should get first place. YET, the things I have been busy with are the people in my life, my most joyful occupation. And I haven't had time to value each interaction as I would like.
You know how it is when EVERYONE who's company you especially enjoy all show up at the party and you aren't able to talk to anyone for more than 2 minutes. That literally happened this week 110 of the nicest. most fun visitors showed up at the shower
and I was too busy to talk to them. On the other hand I watched my daughter get dewey eyed at the decorations and the people and the little person clothes and gifts for the little person she is expecting. And, after all, that person, the one I haven't even met yet, really, was the person it was all of it about.

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  1. Thank you Momma, everyone said and I agree that that was one of the most beautiful showers they had ever been to. You should put up more pictures:-)