Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Falling In Love With My Life

I thought life was something you went through, experienced, endured even, but to come to appreciate what I'm living has come slowly. It came to me after some of the toughest times I've ever had.

Sometimes life makes you feel like a dog in a rainstorm
Times when like a dog in a rainstorm I just slogged on, head down, putting one foot in front of the other and then the back foot in front of the other....no wait....I mean it was demanding and not much pay back...actually not much pay. Sort of like hiking in the swamp. I've never done that, but when I think what it would be like that was what living was about for me.

Slogging in the swamp

And I know I am not the only person putting it out there that things are not real good in Liveland. Pfft. Not near the only one.
One day I just started to commence to begin another journey in the rain, my fur was wet, not too smelly (I use stuff) my paws lifting and stepping and I realized that I was glad to be alive.
For however I had to slogg, for as long as I get to splash through that swamp I decided I wanted to do it. To look for other sloggers and maybe help if I could. To share a rueful smile or a mile or a laugh at what things were.

If we help each other it's not so bad

I started a little blog, a little site on ebay, I showed some others what hope I have in my life and why. And I quote things to myself when I think of it. Things about life and love and courage. When I see someone else using all they've got to get through I make sure I tell them too, so they know I see them and how great they are.

Sharing what we find to keep us going

And I've come to realize that my happiness isn't based on earning money, but how I am earning it and not on how wrinkled my feet are in the swamp, but who I'm sharing it with. Hey, you know I think I see some really smelly stuff we could roll in. Come on! You're doing great, keep it up!!


  1. I love stompin in the swamp with the ones I love...you never know what treasures you will find!! What joys abound in the similarities of each others lives...helping one another thru the swamp of life.

  2. Sometimes it takes some swamp stompin to find the treasure and the joy.