Friday, February 11, 2011


"There are few things so futile, and so amusing, As a peaceful and purposeless sort Of old random jottings set down in a blank book You've unearthed from a drawer as you looked for your bank book"
Amy Lowell (American critic, lecturer, and poet 1874-1935)

One of my strangest collections is drawers, especially sewing machine drawers. It started accidently. Someone put out an old singer sewing machine out for trash pick-up. I had wanted an old sewing machine for a long time so I tried to put it in my trunk. I have a compact model car and it has all of it's paint. I mean there are no chips and only 1 ding on this car which was put there by a kid at Goodwill who was supposed to be "Helping" me put a little stand in my car!  Ok, 'breathe'
It was 10:30 pm and so I couldn't go to the house to let them know that I would take the machine. I made enough noise trying to put it into my trunk. I suspect they were hiding behind their curtains watching me however. So, anyway, I had already loaded the drawers in my trunk and figured I'd come back and get the rest of it in the morning. Well, as you've probably already guessed the trash pick-up had come and gone as had the sewing machine, BUT, I had the drawers, although I didn't know what I was going to do with them they were kind of neat looking and I put them on a shelf in the garage.
Time past and my sister gave me an old Singer from our brother that was in real need of repair. I said I'd take it. But it was REALLY in need of repair, like starting from scratch and I didn't want to do THAT much fixing, so I took those drawers I didn't throw the whole machine away ...

I tore all the wood off and found a glass and metal coffee table and put that on it. So now I have more drawers from sewing machines. Someone saw I had them and asked me if I wanted theirs...I sighed...and said yes.

I'm decorating with them.

Using them for storage

And storing them.
So now I have about 15 sewing machine drawers, 1 unique kind of looking table for my picture frames and still no Singer sewing machine. I've given up on that idea. Now I'm searching for old money. Maybe it will work the same way. 

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