Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dress Up Or How I Learned To Stop Freezing and Love The Drafts

Snow inspires me. The sheer hushed whiteness and stark contrast is luscious and blissfull after the gaudy voluptuous colors of autumn. An invitation to sink into somnolence for a while.
At the last part of the winter, though, I start to think I can't stand the cloistering insulation of home, automobile, work, etc, anymore.
Suddenly my mind stutters to a halt. I just have to go in search of some color. In a store, in a greenhouse, leafing through a magazine, I seek to discover colors and patterns unheralded, stalking them.
As a result, I often find them through the accident of just being unintentionally juxtaposed one against another. Like a crack in atmosphere it lets loose in my brain a rich torrent of ideas and creativity.
This year it was in my closet. There are a multitude of strips of material  known, humorously, as scarves. Mostly they are a motley disconnected array of various colors and materials that might have some use as yet unknown. And such is the appeal and desire for color that these have trailed along with me from pllar to post, in a tangle, finding their home in the lowest drawer or the farthest corner of my closet endlessly.
So here I am, I'm tired of the spare, bleak and chilling continuation of winter. My discontent with the cold on my neck and ankles which are giving me the shivers and my craving for color and light peak at just the moment the accidental glance at my scarves touseled just so to inspire me. All of the sudden I can visualize just how three of these might coordiate with an outfit that needed some snap and hey! keep my neck warm to boot.
Braiding them together creates a cohesive look.
Energized now with the initial effect, I added jewelry to the mix. This was stimulating, giving me all kinds of ideas for outfits and combinations to my wardrobe that I had not realized I had.
Vintage Coro and new Silpada jewelry team up to add sparkle to my "new" outfits.
Energized, I set up an old rack and dig out all the scarves that have languished unappreciated in my closet.
Braiding yarn or jewelry or ribbons into the scarves and using my vintage pins to hold them in place. How about coordinating purses and belt? This is better than going to the mall! I'm shopping out of my own closet. Who Knew?!
Let it snow!

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