Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting it Right

The hardest question anyone ever asked me was "What is it that you want to be in your life?". The first time I faced that question I looked inside and was shocked by the fact that the place where that information should have been was empty!
Not such a problem for lots of other people. There is no end of friends or just plain acquaintances that can not only tell you what they want, but are more than happy to give you advice about what you should want or do or be.
Well, it is not such a problem anymore. At times, in sheer self defense I have determined what I wanted and I started a list of things I now know are important enough for me to want, do or be.
1. The Perfect Purse
2. A job that excites me to excellence.
3. The ability to respect myself
4. The wisdom to love correctly
5. A Haircut that I can wear
6. To know just Who or what I Worship
7. To Laugh
8. To Be Lovable
9. To be able to get it and go on when I'm wrong
10. Home
A lot of blogs help with the pursuit of these things. I love the Internet. It tells me the things I want to know instantly. The brew it mixes ages more slowly, but it is a wonderful help in knowing what and who I am. Sometimes I find out things I liked that I didn't know even existed. I now know I will have to live forever to do and be all the things I have learned about.

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