Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Perfect Purse

I bought a designer purse a while ago, thinking now this is going to be my Perfect Purse. After all, you really invest a lot in those items. Their value is established and validated by thousands of women every year.
Awesome Usefulness GOOP
Where I made my blooper is that value is relative. I bought this purse, this Perfect Purse with one idea of value and received a different value system for my money. You see I wanted practical, useful, handy and yes attractive. I wanted it all.
That's not how it works. There is a value that comes with a Gucci or a Coach, but the treasure lies not in how useful a Name article is, so much as what the Name is.
I now use that bag when I want to compliment a lovely outfit with a little extra sizzle and it's a good value...then.
But for an everyday, get it going and do it right Perfect Purse, I have a whole different set of requirements.
It must have three big pockets. They should be deep enough and wide enough, but not too deep that I lose things. No Zipper to scratch the back of my hands when I'm reaching into it.
In the middle one I put my planner. It must slip down inside and not be peeking up out of the purse.
In one I have my checkbook, my address book, money and the one credit card I allow myself to carry.

Lots of Pockets

The last pocket holds makeup, glasses, tissues, etc.
But outside my purse should be my pockets for my phone, receipts, I unload those every day, and someplace to clip my keys.
That's not all, oh no. The strap should not be so long it drags it's way through every nasty spot out there. IF it is a long strap it should tuck in neatly.
When I'm setting my Perfect Purse down it must sit nicely not fall over or spill out everything inside.
All of this and it should look good, too. And not be too heavy. And be easy to clean if necessary.
If someone could design The Perfect Purse like this on a regular basis, and make it stylish they could charge me whatever and my feeling is it would have Real Value.
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  1. Yes I know exactly what you mean. The perfect purse is almost a mythological entity! :-)