Friday, October 3, 2014

31 days day 1 A Moving (and organized) Experience October 1, 2014

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This is the perfect time to write these articles cause I'm moving into an apartment with my DH and
Poppy the cat. We are simplifying and organizing. So we are already in that mode. Let me show you some ideas that we are using.
First thing, we sorted...a lot.

We're talking about 2 people x 35 years + crafts + tools + children's stored items. You can see that's a lot of math and a whole lot of junk. We  gave away,.. threw away..not enough...and an auction (no garage sale this time I didn't have time to deal with it and the stuff that is left over,),
I went to

pinterest for moving ideas and got a lot.
One of my favorites is using colored tape on the boxes that match each room. I went even farther
I used different graphics for each room also the garage and
a pole barn that some of our things are going to be stored in.
I wrote on a tag what was generally in each box and it worked like a charm.
Oh, and I taped the things we would need the first night we were there in bright yellow tape so we would know what boxes had the toothbrush, PJ's, pillows and sheets and coffeemaker in them. Very Important! The coffee and coffee pot, you know.
But tomorrow I am going to take you back a little farther in the planning which made everything so easy for us. 

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