Saturday, February 15, 2014

How Things Have Changed...Or Not

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Some time ago I wrote about retiring and how and what I had  planned to do. What I found see in retirement was that I was busy with
Setting up at the flea Market

 flea marketing, deciding where to live,

Don't necessarily need a boat. Living near the water is satisfying
Being with family and friends
Sharing a meal, laughing together

adding up my priorities,
 making choices and....getting married? Huh? Uh, No. Not been mentioned anywhere on my agenda that I could see.
Wedding Bells! #wedding #signs
No mention of this anywhere on my agenda.

Looking back,  nowhere was:

  • get married again,
  •  uproot yourself 
  • start a whole new life, 
  • living with another living being besides 

Beautiful Poppy
Poppy. The other living being in my house.
the cat ever written or discussed or considered or even mentioned.
I loved my life view here: Falling In Love With My Life.  If you've followed these posts at all, erratic as they were, I retired, sat down and decided what was important to me and began shedding what was not and pursuing what was. And I didn't regret one decision I made at that time.
But hello, life sometimes gives us what we didn't ask for and ,Voila, there you go. So here I am, very much and happily married.
But flea marketing and ebaying, that's still the same. The rub is.flea marketing requires stuff and stuff has to go somewhere, that's still the same, too. So here we are with
 stuff that was in "my" garage has now been moved to....
Poppy moved, too.
"Our" garage and the car is outside shivering in the cold.
Hmmm. So the point of it is I have to organize the "stuff" and free up the garage somehow. Didn't I have another post about organizing? Yikes! To Be Continued....

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