Monday, July 22, 2013


Summer is the time my thoughts are on country anything; barns, fields, trees, even home decor. I spent my summers as a youngster with Grandma Melvin in a little place called Hanover Corners. Next door were the Yates family and in later years cousins of theirs. We built forts, played hide and seek, watched the chickens grow from adorable chicks to full grown.

The four ladies in front yard of a country home.
Just taking a break
Kindling wood to start a good fire
Snow Fencing
Old Barn With Wild Flowers as Barn Accessories
Somebodies Grandma's Old House
Growing Kale in the back yard
Country Road
Our house is a very very fine house-with 1 cat in the yard
Cows in a pasture
Just a quiet break from the day that I thought I'd share.
Do you have country memories or summer memories?

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