Wednesday, July 24, 2013

14 Ways Baskets Are Amazing Vessels

Woven with a bottom, sides and handle, baskets can be made from any available substance.  The lowly basket is the essence of simple wisdom. The oldest known baskets date back to man's beginning and are valued and treasured to the current day. Some uses are;
Carrying and storing foods
Flower Receptacle
Wearing and carrying
Storing wood and as a side table
Pottery Barn Storage
For sitting on PB
For putting books in
As a wall decoration Finding Home
Storing Pots or Potting Plants PB
Or just storing and organization

World Market
Vintage Style
Baskets make our lives richer, more beautiful and add so many options to work with. They aren't usually expensive and one basket can be used in multiple ways. They are an excellent way to decorate on a budget. Also, a really stylish and chic way to accessorize an outfit. Check out creative ways to use them. Paint them, tie a bow around them, pack them full of goodies for a gift. There are so many bargain ways to buy them; Flea Markets, Dollar Stores, garage sales, resale shops like Goodwill. Flexible, inexpensive, eternally modern, baskets are the on top of the list when it comes to style.  

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