Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Days 7-9 Wooly Bear Weekend Flea Market

Very Busy Weekend At The Wooly Bear Festival

This is part of my plan to organize. As I said before, the store closes at the end of October. So the festival was a way for me to sell some things that don't lend themselves to either store or ebay...like...luggage...drills...shavers...large bulky items and guy stuff that I got from family and friends.
There were 100,000 people at the fair which pays homage to
the wooly bear as the predictor of the winter weather to come. (It's going to be severe.)The wooly Bear's fur? is colored black..orange..black. If the orange part is wide it's going to be a rough winter and it was...sigh.
A lot of fun was had by all
These guys serenaded me. (I'm in love..)
There was a Wolf there getting his picture taken for charity...no not the guy..the...animal...you know what I mean.
LOTs of people...unhealthy food (read good)...
other vendors tables were set up
more of our tables
All in all it was a beautiful weekend...hi 70's...light breeze...sunshine...but the wooly bear says "IT"S COMING!...."

Tomorrow...I've been filling and organizing at the store and bringing more stuff in again....to make the store room as empty as possible....

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