Friday, October 3, 2014

31 Days Day 3 A Lot Squouzzin' Into A Little Bitty Garage October 3, 2014

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I knew my DH was something special when I married him.

 He's a born engineer, they are born, not made, you know and inventor, but it comes with a price. EV..ER..Y SINGLE thing must be measured and plotted out on GRAPH paper before being attempted along with ALL the pros and cons of each possible way it could be done and what laws of the universe it violates. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating...a little, but not much. You out there married to an engineer know what I'm talking about right?
So when we got married and lived in my apartment at first he had an idea that confirmed my belief in him forever and when he starts the required formula for anything I sit up and listen cuz who knows what wonderful gold mine he'll tap into next.
He had been watching me struggle to find more space to put away groceries by moving small appliances out of the way and shuffling my little cubbies (little small cupboards in apartments) all around. Then he disappeared into the garage for a while with a tape measure. When he came back he had a plan. If I wanted he could make me a pantry out in the garage with wire shelves in a u shape that would hold a lot of stuff. REALLY!? WHERE? I was breathless... no really.. when a man starts talking to me about a pantry and storage and stuff like that I get giddy.
So he showed me and I'm going to show you what he did AND improved on when we moved back here...Tomorrow, really, come back, there will be pictures, the internet will be hooked up they promised. 

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