Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If You Could Have Anything You Wanted...

I am always surprised when I talk to people about money and retiring. 

Many have thousands in the bank and lots of investments, but are still not happy, not at peace, still worrying , anxious, even afraid . In this world system there just isn't any sure way to keep it. When how much money you have or can sock away adds up to security and happiness that is the road map to stress.

I want to carry my happiness with me...and share it

If I Could Do Anything I Wanted...
I sat down one day to figure out what a valuable, interesting life looked like to me...If I had all the money I needed...all the time I wanted...The big rock in my life would still be a strong relationship with my Creator...that said...what else adds up to the richest life for me...
Don't necessarily need a boat. Living near the water is satisfying
1. Living near the water

Sharing a meal, laughing together
2.Having family and friends that are positive and good to be around. I don't have the time or energy to deal with negativity anymore, if you don't like or approve of me, that's certainly your prerogative, just don't expect me to try to make you happy, that's your job.

3. Interesting things to do...ie. taking pictures, learning new skills, seeing the world in a new way, meeting new people, sharing ideas.
What can I grow this year?
4. Living a healthy life. Walking, eating more healthily, being active, instead of watching others living their lives being an active participant in my own life. How great is that?

5. Flowers, plants, gardening. I don't have a large garden area so I am creative. I pick and choose what I want to grow in the house and on my patio.

6. Making myself available to others, friends, family, grandchildren, my congregation etc
So great to have loyal friends to laugh with
7. Laughing at myself and with others there's so much freedom in not having to prove your worth, worry about false pride or trying to impress people who really don't care anyway.

8. Nice clothes are fun, but seriously, how many do you need?

Taking the time to determine what I'm going for and appreciate it is like receiving a gift
9. Being Creative. When I want something I try to distill it down...what is it I'm going for...what does the best result look like. It's like a gift and exquisitely satisfying when I have attained the kernel, the very nugget, that is exactly the right thing, at the right time, in the right way.

10.Being hospitable. Nothing is more fun than giving .

I know not everyone has the same desires or goals. Mine don't involve making or using a lot of money, they have more to do with my priorities and quality of my experience. Having a new house, car, parties, traveling, big screen TV, gadgets and stuff, because frankly, for me,
Cotton Candy is ok, as long as the price isn't too high
those things in the past have been like having cotton candy...it looks good ..it even tastes good...for 1 second...then...nothing...when it's all said and done...what have you?
I've learned a lot of stuff just adds up to a headache for me.

Those things are ok, I know there's nothing wrong with them...but for me it's like drinking...I don't get a buzz...I don't get drunk...

I get a headache...it just does not justify the effort and aggravation that it requires of me. Been there. Done that. Want to do it some more? Not so much.

What is your list like?
How many of the things on your list could you do in the present by being more creative?

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